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A laser dazzler is a directed-energy device intended to temporarily blind or disorient its target with intense directed light radiation. Targets can include human's vision or electronic sensors. Laser Dazzlers emit a specific wavelength of visible light which is intended to cause temporary flash blindness, diorientation and other non-permantent effects. Because the laser when used correctly causes no long-term damage, it is termed as a Non-lethal weapon. 

OEM Non-lethal Laser Modules

Key Features


  • High Power Non-Lethal Green Laser modules, 1000mW - 5000mW

  • Module units for integration into existing or new design end systems

  • Fully Sealed for outdoor applications (IP66) and a sturdy construction for use in arduous environments

  • Customisable design

  • The most powerful commercially available Non-lethal green lasers

The UC-1 1000mW and UC-5 5000mW ultra compact laser modules provide the highest power Non-lethal green laser commercially available. The modules are designed for harsh environments and to be fitted to existing products or systems under development. Our modules provide the ability to directly integrate our non-lethal technology into any end-use product. Working with customers we can customise modules to fit their requirements upon consultation.

For more information please contct us on the website or call or email us directly, tell us your needs and let us talk it through with you to provide you a product that can fit your requirements. We have a skilled team who can work with you on projects and find the best solution to your problem.

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