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A laser dazzler is a directed-energy device intended to temporarily blind or disorient its target with intense directed light radiation. Targets can include human's vision or electronic sensors. Laser Dazzlers emit a specific wavelength of visible light which is intended to cause temporary flash blindness, diorientation and other non-permantent effects. Because the laser when used correctly causes no long-term damage, it is termed as a Non-lethal weapon. 


Sealase II, manufactured by Passive Force LLC integrating lasers manufactured by WAVELENGTH SOLUTIONS, is a 5000mW high  power Non-Lethal Laser Dazzler on a stabilized IP controllable pan and tilt platform. This deterrent technology can be integrated with multiple camera sensors. The Non-Lethal Laser Dazzler allows the user to choose between suppression/deterrence, hail/warning, and illumination operations. The Integrated camera sensors can be day/night colour, Thermal, or ultra- low light sCMOS cameras for extended performance capabilities. The sealed optical payload is mounted on a pan/tilt platform designed for 24/7 use in harsh all-weather environments. Radar linked target tracking and ‘slew-to-cue’ ability are optional features.

Sealase II

Key Features


  • High Power 5000mW Non-Lethal Green Laser modules

  • Optical sensor for visual tracking

  • Stabilised Pan and Tilt for Marine application

  • Up to 120' / sec slew rate

  • IP based platform for integration into existing systems

  • Radar based tracking ability available 

  • Fully Sealed for outdoor applications (IP66) and a sturdy construction for use in arduous environments


The STORM 500 manufactured by Passive Force LLC integrates a range of Non-lethal technologies including WAVELENGTH SOLUTIONS lasers into one carefully designed package that can be vehicle mounted or static and operated by a user friendly controller operating system with video monitor. This provides the user with a multi-capability system that can be used from inside a vehicle or from a control room. This location positioning reduces the threat of violence to the user, while engaging targets with non-lethal force.

Sealase II

Key Features


  •  Live audio announcements

  •  Pan and tilt colour/thermal video monitoring

  •  Light, laser and sound deterrents

  •  Non-lethal deterrence central control system

  •  Pre-recorded audio, video storage and remote transmission

  •  Flexibility to customize sensor payloads

  •  360 degree operations—static or mobile

  •  Ruggedized and environmentally proven products

  •  Modular system built to customer requirements

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