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WAVELENGTH SOLUTIONS provides the most powerful green laser devices commercially available. The newly formed company holds the laser technology that enables them to produce a high power, non-lethal deterrent green laser.


WAVELENGTH SOLUTIONS manufacture ultra-lightweight and compact OEM laser modules for systems integration. They also designed and supply self-contained rifle and pistol laser dazzlers, using the same high power green laser technology. These devices provide the longest range of non-lethal deterrence of any technology currently available. Both are designed ergonomically and with the user in mind, allowing effective engagement on static and moving targets.

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Non Lethal launchers
Crowd Control



Michael Hardman

Co - Founder and CEO

Michael Hardman is the co- founder and CEO of Wavelength Solutions. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Political Science from the Queen Marys University of London. Michael has been working in the Middle East maritime and security technologies industry for the last 14 years; as a shareholder and then the Director of Business Development for Elcome International. After forming Wavelength in 2015, Michael integrated the signature green laser and other security technologies into the STORM 500 solution; a remarkable innovation in non- lethal crowd control.


Scott Buchter

Member of the Board

Dr. Scott C. Buchter began his career at MIT Lincoln Laboratory developing laser systems for target identification, directed infrared countermeasures, and deep ultraviolet lithography. Following this he joined Nokia Networks as the chief architect in charge of developing the world’s first optical access router for fiber to the home internet applications. After this he founded several companies which have developed laser systems for, among other things, hyperspectral imaging (acquired by NKT), handheld laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (acquired by Rigaku), non-lethal defense (acquired by Wavelength Solutions), and automotive LiDAR (acquired by Dibotics). His laser developments have resulted in two R&D 100 awards, a Photonics Circle of Excellence award, and the Gold Award from Instrument Business Daily. He is the author of over 50 scientific publications and conference proceedings and his work has also been featured in mainstream sources such as CNN, the Discovery Channel, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and many more.


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