WAVELENGTH SOLUTIONS provides the most powerful green laser devices commercially available. The newly formed company holds the laser technology that enables them to produce a high power, non-lethal deterrent green laser.


WAVELENGTH SOLUTIONS manufacture ultra-lightweight and compact OEM laser modules for systems integration. They also designed and supply self-contained rifle and pistol laser dazzlers, using the same high power green laser technology. These devices provide the longest range of non-lethal deterrence of any technology currently available. Both are designed ergonomically and with the user in mind, allowing effective engagement on static and moving targets.

Based in Dubai, UAE
Non Lethal launchers
Crowd Control



Mike Hardman was educated in the UK and gained a BA in Political Science from a London University. His family moved to Dubai when he was 2. In 1996 Mike became an entrepreneur, running his own company within the MENA region’s advertising sector. In 2009 he joined Elcome International LLC as the Director of Business Development. He was especially interested in expanding Elcome’s new Security Division and focused a lot of time making inroads into this competitive industry. He is the brains behind Elcome’s STORM500 - an integrated non-lethal, crowd control solution. In January 2015 he founded Wavelength Solutions.

Head of Global Projects

Abi Whittaker has extensive experience working for the UK MOD, NATO aswell as Oil and Gas and Finanancial Corporations In the United Kingdom, Europe and the Middle East.  Abi joined Wavelength Solutions in 2015  to oversee our Global Projects as well as all sales and support requirements. She provides not only team support but has responsibility for client relationship management and acts as the interface between a varied global client base and the Wavelength Solutions engineering team.


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